What we’re all about

Who we are


Freeride Montpelier, a collectively organized nonprofit welcoming all community members, promotes bicycling as an affordable, sustainable and joyful means of transportation.  We provide community-wide access to the knowledge, tools and support for maintenance and safe riding, as well as access to pre-owned bikes and parts.


We believe that bicycling will inspire positive social change to achieve a more economically and environmentally just, self-empowered, and vibrant community.


Empowerment: We support the self-empowerment of individuals and communities as a means to achieve sustainable and effective social change.

Inclusivity: We strive to include and be accessible to all people in order to challenge the forces and effects of systemic oppression.

Sustainability: We are committed to sustainable and environmentally responsible consumption of resources as they are critical to the health of our communities and planet.

Community: We celebrate and build upon the existing strengths of our partners and participants.


In 2007,  Freeride started as a completely volunteer-run, collectively-organized space (LLC). The main mission was refurbishing pre-owned bicycles available to community members at an affordable price. To that end, the bike shop was opened on Barre Street. During open hours, people could come into the shop and use Freeride’s tools to fix their bicycles, either on their own or with help from Freeride’s mechanics. Freeride also held bicycle repair workshops and community events from time to time.

In 2020, Freeride’s core volunteers began to think about how the organization could be restructured from an LLC to a worker self-directed nonprofit (WSDN). The goal was to grow its day-to-day operations and offer more for the community, while continuing to provide an equitable environment where everyone’s voice is heard. Freeride became a Worker Self-Directed Non-Profit, a charitable, or 501(c)(3), organization in 2021. 


Freeride uses consent-based decision making. The Core Worker Group is the primary body responsible for management in accordance with Board of Directors resolutions and official internal policies. The Core Worker Group disseminates day-to-day tasks into subgroups, which are self-managed teams organized to fulfill specific functions and purposes. Employees and volunteers make up the Core Worker Group (CWG) and use consent-based decision making. The Board ensures the organizations “duty of care and duty of loyalty.” Workers (volunteer and paid) are the backbone of Freeride. Every week volunteers and employees work together to ensure that bikes are getting out the door and that Freeride continues to meet the needs of our community. 

Board of Directors

Currently Freeride has six Board members who are committed to our mission, vision and core values. They meet regularly on a quarterly basis with special meetings scheduled as-needed. Freeride’s bylaws require the Board to be between three and twelve members. Four members hold officer positions: Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.

Core Worker Group

Our key employees and volunteers form the Core Worker Group (CWG) which is responsible for the management of Freeride in accordance with the Board’s oversight. The CWG coordinates the work of several self-managed teams (sub-groups) that work in specific areas (finance, communications, technology, shop, etc.). These teams rely heavily on volunteers and are where much of our work gets done.


2023 Freeride Overview