Freeride Montpelier promotes bicycling by providing affordable used bikes and community-wide access to the tools, skills and information necessary for bike maintenance and safe riding. Freeride is largely volunteer-run and all of our profits are reinvested in our mission. Everyone is welcome to join us in fixing bikes – a bike for one’s self, bikes for the community, or an experiment with anything else – and we strive to make the shop as comfortable as possible for a diversity of people and a variety of skill levels.

Used Bikes

Our mechanics, when they aren’t helping customers, spend some of their time fixing up used bikes. We keep these bikes relatively affordable, and offer bikes as “pay-what-you-can”. For adult bicycles, these can average from $100 up to $400 for the nicest bikes we refurbish.

Shop Time by Suggested Donation

While we make the majority of our income by selling used bikes and parts, as well as some new items, we do ask that people who come to do work in the shop make donations for the use of the space and tools, and for the generous help of our mechanics. A suggested donation, pay-what-you-can, of up to $40/hour depending on how much help we’ve been offering is what we believe to be fair for shop time. Larger donations are encouraged when possible, and nobody is ever turned away for lack of funds.

Mission Statement

Freeride Montpelier is a collectively-run, largely volunteer organization promoting bicycling in Montpelier and surrounding communities. We provide education, information and tools for maintaining and riding bicycles, regardless of individuals’ economic situation. Any and all profit made by Freeride is reinvested in our mission.

Statement of Values

As a collectively-organized space welcoming all community members, Freeride strives to be open and tolerant. We reject discrimination based on race, class, gender, sexuality, religion, nationality/ethnicity, age, ability and political beliefs. We ask that anyone using the Freeride space respect these principles.

In addition, Freeride strives to uphold and advocate the following:

  • economic accessibility
  • gender equality
  • environmental responsibility
  • promotion of bike culture
  • civic engagement, community development, and community service
  • personal empowerment
  • non-hierarchical organizing and direct participation
  • road safety
  • participation in a community-based economy


  • Bike Recycling: refurbishing and selling used bikes at affordable costs.
  • Work-Exchange: trade volunteer work in the shop for shop time.
  • Education: workshops and playdays for youth and adults.
  • Bike Art and Freak Bikes: cut them up, re-create them, and ride them!
  • Advocacy: politics-free advocacy for bike use, bike riders and bike programs in Montpelier.
  • Community Service: providing a venue for individuals to complete community service requirements.
  • Events, Galas, Fests, Hoedowns and Celebrations of All Things Bike!


Decision Making:
Head mechanics are mechanics who have worked at Freeride for a while. The group of head mechanics generally makes decisions about the organization. The participation of all volunteers and dedicated users of the shop is welcome and desired.

Policy Policy:
We intend to avoid superfluous policies.

Community Bike Shop