MONTPELIER BIKE SUMMIT – November 7 at 6:00 pm

Montpelier Bike SummitRecognizing that Montpelier has great potential to become more bicycle-friendly than it is at present, Mayor John Hollar has called for a Bike Summit. The city of Montpelier and a group of volunteers are hosting this event on Wednesday evening, November 7 at 6:00 pm at the Noble Hall Lounge on College Street, facing the VT College green. A chili dinner will be provided to all attendees. (Please bring a plate, cup, and eating utensils so disposables don’t have to be used.)

Mayor Hollar, representatives of the Public Works Department, the PlanningDepartment and the Police Department will all be in attendance. This gathering will feature an open space format, which ensures that all voices are heard. There will be small group discussion time on topics such as on-street bike lanes, a mountain bike trail network, and a potential Montpelier Bike Festival. The VT Bicycle & Pedestrian Coalition encourages all friends of Montpelier bicycling to participate and provide ideas regarding the many ways in which Montpelier can become more friendly toward bicyclists of all ages. Thanks for making the effort to attend.

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